Callout: City Flag Designs for the people of Sydney

How do you feel about your City Flag?

Who even knew we had them!

How about designing a people’s City Flag to feature in the Sydney Design Festival?

This Call Out is to emerging and established designers, artists and architects to create proposals for up to 3 Flags for Parramatta, Sydney & the Western Parklands Cities. Entries are open from 1 December 2018–8 February 2019, in advance of the outdoor Flag Exhibit.

Our “Unofficial: Peoples City Flag Design” Exhibition is part of the Sydney Design Festival from 1–11 March 2019 in Parramatta.

The Unofficial exhibit hoists an identity debate across Greater Sydney and asks “to whom are these ‘works on cloth’ relevant today?”, and how accessible is contemporary vexillology, the design of flags as distinct from banners?

In hotspots around the planet City Flag re-design is shaking-up weathered old symbols with a minimal visual language. Some flags are loathed for their inaccessible and cluttered old-school compositions, others labelled as 'dreadful' among a critical design profession. However avante-garde designs are beauties, such as Amsterdam, with compact meaning that distills pride of place and transcend their normally invisible municipal function to reach deeper into levels of community endearment.

Join the challenge to create 3 impactful designs: for Parramatta the ‘Central City’; for Sydney ‘Harbour City’; and for the ‘Western Parkland’ City region of Liverpool and Penrith, NSW. Perhaps ahead of time, this hypothetical exposé aims to inspire public engagement with refreshing new visual materials.

Flag Concept photographed in “Central City” of Parramatta. Design “Uluru Sky G1” (2017) by Simon A Cook. Photos by Stefan Petrov 2018

Simon Cook