Industree-Ancestree: Parramatta's 230th

Our 'Industree-Ancestree' tree-curtains were commissioned for Parramatta's 230th Birthday. Information rich, yet just a taste of many possible images to celebrate the Foundation of Parramatta (then Rose Hill) by Governor Phillip in 1788. The Installations were on display in early November 2018 at Australia's Fleet Street National Heritage Precinct. Several curtains consisted of photo montage as a breezy ambient entry welcome to the Event, with 3 art-print of Geoff Sellman’s painting Abstract-In-Trees #5 and Her-Opal-Spirits #2 (shower curtain), and 3 Linen sheets in proximity to the Female Factory 200th anniversary memorial (1818-2018).

The Industree-Ancestree tree-curtains detailing a reference to 'Anna Kings 1805 dress' (wife of Governor King assembled our ‘parramatta cloth’ labels as a macro view of the silver embroidered dress.

Info source: Laura Jocic
photo: Katrina James with thanks

many thanks also to City of Parramatta Council and to Screengraphics Sydney for the digital printing.

Tree Curtain featuring Prince William Camellia japonica (1 of 56 forms bred) by Silas Sheather in Parramatta

Installation view, detail. Photo Katrina James 2018

Installation view, Linen detail. Photo Katrina James, 2018

Detail, Ancestree Curtain, referencing Anna King’s 1805 dress Photo: Katrina James 2018

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