'Unofficial' Flag Exhibit hoists a beautiful question

What is the City Flag to unite all Sydney-siders? What is a City Flag – it sounds “unAustralian”…!

These questions seem quite novel in the Australian landscape exploring what expresses “Civil–pride” – amongst all of us Civilians – as distinct from “Civic-pride”. Most of us know all Council areas across Sydney, and the world have “civic” flags, banners and crests, yet not all City flags are loved and popular, of indeed permitted to be flown by the entire community.

For the Sydney Design Festival 2019 we collected some of the world’s best City Flags to set the context for the new Design Call-out for ideas for Sydney. The first-round of concept flags received from Vexillographers and Graphic designers have been printed and are flying with the traditional “Greater Sydney Ensign” developed by John Vaughan since 1988 from 1830s flags for Sydney.

Should the “Sydney Metropolis of 3 Cities”, as defined by the Greater Sydney Commission, be identified by 3 distinct flags: the Harbour City; The Central City; and the Western Parklands City, or is a Chicago City Flag model for the whole metropolitan region more appropriate as a cultural icon to be aiming for? Several of our first round submission explored this idea of 3 City Flags, as variations in this first concept investigation.

The Unofficial: Peoples City Flag Designs Exhibit is supported by City of Parramatta Council’s Riverside Theatres from 1–17 March, along the Colonnade facing the River and is able to be previewed in this Slide-Show video.

Brendan Tennent, Foreshore Flow, 2019. https://www.instagram.com/p/BuccxfWFXD-/

Tony Burton, #Sydney Thunderbolt, 2019 https://www.instagram.com/p/BuccWWgFn6d/

Ballina Gee @PacificDiva launching the Unofficial Exhibit #1, wearing Amsterdam, Chicago and Milwaukee Peoples Flags. Photo courtesy of Parramatta Advertiser.

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