New Parramatta Cloth prints in Reconciliation Week

Who doesn’t like a bright new tea-towel in the home or office kitchen?

To recognize Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week on Burramatta land we have added new screen–print colours to our ParramattaCloth series. Local Artist Geoff Sellman’s Land Spirits #7 is featured on the new natural beige linen tea–towel in bright neon Orange and hot Pink with Ochre.

At the intersection of contemporary indigenous art and revisiting the convict-made colonial “Parramatta Cloth” concept these 100% linen are an all–natural–fibre cloth to mark a move away from synthetic and micro-fibre ecological impacts. The artwork suggests an eel-like swirling movement and can reference the clays of Clay Cliff Creek and sands of the ancient archaeological zone of the Parramatta Sand Body.

Geoff writes of his Land Spirits series: “Deep sleep overcomes creation that cannot be seen, as the rhythmic beating of the ground begins to move the grains of clay and sand, everything including time comes to a halt. You just tap into your sense of listening and you can hear the land spirits create dreaming.“

Packed in a neat kraft paper bag these are a fine gift. A twin pack with the 2 new print colours is the Double Beige Pack (oooh la la!..: )

Our parramattacloth are available direct HERE, from Old Government House Parramatta (National Trust), and at the Parramatta Heritage Visitor Info Centre beside Lennox Bridge.

Simon Cook