Winter of our Dreaming Hoodie (Ltd Edition)

Winter of our Dreaming Hoodie (Ltd Edition)

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Snuggle into this Winter of our Dreaming special edition design by local artist Geoff Sellman.

Awesome and Cosy for everyone, this vibrant earth-coloured fleece hoodie features double-layered hood with printed linen, internal mesh linen, lock zip pockets on both sides and striped rib cuffs for increased comfort. The perfect layering piece leading into Naidoc Week and beyond.

Artist Geoff Sellman on Her Opal Spirits #1 (2018) made by Lifewear Australia

“The inspiration for this artwork acknowledges my relative, an elder from the Bunda tribe within the Goreng Goreng nation, from where I was born. My Aunty Vi spent many years digging for opals in the earth and rocks in sites across Australia and in her lifetime accumulated quite a number in the precious opal collection. Her wishes made quite an impression upon me in that upon her death this lovely woman simply requested the collection to be placed on the top of the coffin. Her wish was fulfilled as she considered what comes from the ground must be returned to the ground, part of her connection to the country. Seeing the beautiful opals placed and returned with her was a special and endearing experience of respect and values. I wanted to suggest this story in the colours and textures I’m working with and share a humble appreciation of living simply – because of her, we can.

As the rhythmic beating of the ground begins to move, the grains of ochre sand and granites everywhere including time come to a quiet halt. You just tap into your sense of listening and you can hear the land spirits create dreaming.”

“Because of Her, we can”NAIDOC 2018 is a tribute to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have played and continue to play crucial roles in the lives of the nation. The aim of promoting this theme is to shine a light on the never-ending role that strong Indigenous women serve.

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