VEXillology advice

Advice to Design up to 3 new flags:

for Sydney (Harbour City), Parramatta (Central City) and the Western (Parklands City)

  • Keep it Simple, so that it can be drawn from memory.

  • Use Meaningful Symbolism of images, colours, or patterns.

  • Use 2-4 Standard Colours, which contrast well.

  • No Lettering or Seals, as these can’t be understood from a distance.

  • Be Distinctive or related, avoid duplicating other flags, yet use similarities to show connections.

  • make it kick-butt beautiful : )




Entries will be accepted by email to

First Round Entries Closed for Exhibit #1. New Entries Welcome

Entry is free, however Donations are Welcome. Please make a Donation Here.

Do not put your name or identifying information on the image itself. Please include your Name in Contact AND on File labelled as <Surname_First_City/Sydney/Parra/West_myFlagName1> in an email submission. Multiple Entries up to x9 per Person are acceptable.

Each Design must be submitted as (1:2 ratio) drawing in JPEG/PDF/SVG Vector image. A file size of 1800x3600 pixels, or approx 6 Mb. Entries will not be accepted that: use gradient colors (all parts must be solid colors); are two-sided (the same image will be seen on both sides); are designs that are plagiarized or otherwise not an original work of the designer/artist/team.

Entries that do not follow the above guidelines will not be considered. All Entries remain the ©Copyright property of the Designer, who will permit online &/or material publishing rights to The Social Canvas for Exhibition (Sydney Design Festival 2019 and thereafter). The author/creator/artist provides TSC with limited rights to reproduce, sell &/or auction each design, where selected, to the quantity of 3 standard size flags or digital prints without royalty fee or other claim apart from Copyright accreditation. The Selection Committee will seek written permission for the right to alter, modify, or combine designs if desired.

No other awards or prizes to be given from this Call Out and Exhibition, at this early stage. Share the Opportunity, Do it for Sydney. Many Thanks : )

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