Her Opal Spirits #2 (edition of 10)

Her Opal Spirits #2 (edition of 10)

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Her Opal Spirits #2, (2018)

Artist: Geoff Sellman

“ This vivid artwork acknowledges my late Aunty Vi from the Bunda tribe. After many years digging for opals across Australia she requested the beauty she found be returned to the earth with her burial, and it was. As the rhythmic beating of the ground begins to move, grains of ochre, sand and granite everywhere including time come to a quiet halt. “

Archival 12 colour inkjet digital print on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper 310gsm 100% celluose OR digital print on Stretched Canvas. Unframed or Framed behind glass.

Framing options of blonde or dark box-frame timber or a wide flat satin bevel profile.

Limited Series of 10, paper size 110 h x 85cm w

Limited Edition of 10, paper size 95 h x 73cm w

Variable size and framing available on request - for example

> Extra large print paper 143 x 110 cm or 197 x 150cm.

Stretched CANVAS Limited Edition of 10, similar sizes or larger to 138cm width/height

© Geoff Sellman / thesocialcanvas all rights reserved

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